Lachlan launches new corporate identity

Lachlan launches new corporate identity

Lachlan Africa has a new logo and colour scheme to reflect a new and more relevant positioning for our brand. 

Developed with the help of London-based brand alignment agency, The Brand Inside, Lachlan now has a new promise to make to the market. Based on our understanding that farmers need robust solutions to optimize crop yields, Lachlan is committed to encouraging customers to adopt new nutritional concepts and environmentally friendly crop protection all for more sustainable farming. 

Nairobi based design agency, inCA, has developed a corporate identity to reflect our brand personality attributes. We aim to be robust, innovative and encouraging. Our new logo is solid and rich, and uses the colour maroon as its primary identifier. The logo is complemented by our pay-off line, ‘Effective Solutions for Farmers’. 

Richard Stone-Wigg, CEO Lachlan Africa commented: “Our brand strategy, expressed in our new corporate identity, builds on the Lachlan heritage of innovation and sound agronomic advice. In keeping with modern Kenya, we’ve smartened up the way we look!”

Monday, February 1, 2016