Have you heard of Viazi Power?

Have you heard of Viazi Power?

Viazi Power is an innovative potato seed dressing and crop nutrition program from Lachlan that sustainably doubles small scale grower potato yields and cuts cost-to-yield ratio from 60% to 25%. The company’s target is set at 100,000 potato growers in Kenya using the products by 2018.

With potatoes being the second most important food crop in Kenya, and all the produce locally consumed, it is discouraging that the quality is poor and yields are low.

Viazi Power is fusion farming’s catalyst to sustainable farming practices in unpredictable growing conditions by targeting correct fertilizer use, potato seed treatment through root management, foliar feeding at set, key nutritional times with canopy management and crop protection through a reduction in number of sprays.

Viazi Power addresses the following issues:

  1. Correct fertilizer types, that is non soil acidifying
  2. Fertilizer weight issues & underuse of basal fertilizer (compensate with foliar sprays)
  3. Spread the cash flows and crop failure risk
  4. Drought risk by early tuber initiation
  5. Increased number of tubers which results in improved yields
  6. Improved tuber quality & size 
  7. Increased farmer incomes/sustainability

How It Works

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Thursday, February 11, 2016