About Us

Who we are

Lachlan is an exclusive marketing and distribution agent that exists to give farmers the support they need to increase their crop yields and improve their profitability.

Our particular expertise lies in identifying the most robust and effective crop protection and nutritional inputs sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. We believe in the value of proprietary research and development, and we have never dealt in generic products.

For over a decade, we have built strong partnerships with local government, stakeholders in agriculture, small and large scale farmers as well as the aid sector across every county in Kenya.

Lachlan has always been known for innovation. We were the first to pioneer the use of Humic Acid; the first to expose farmers to the benefits of bio-stimulants, and the first to rebalance perceptions of cost and efficacy in the premium insecticide segment.

Much of our focus has been on developing integrated programmes for farmers to apply to their crops, especially in challenging soil environments. Recently, we have been working with USAID to deliver Viazi Power, our proprietary innovation in potato growing. Our integrated programme has further involved us in farmer and distributor education, creating new formulations to apply at four stages in the potato season, and developing the commercial interest of seed suppliers and potato processors.

Today, Lachlan is a modern, marketing-led business inspiring positive change in the agriculture and floriculture sectors in Kenya.